Sunday, May 30, 2010

design 3 - art gallery so far

the artist I have chosen to design a gallery for is Martino Gamper, an industrial designer that basically pulls things apart and puts them back together again. i believe he is an artist and not just a furniture maker because he does it with great craftmanship, in a respectful way to the original designs and makes one question the value of disused furniture. the results are often sprinkled with humour, but are not only sculptural, but functional pieces aswell.

in 2008 he displayed a series of furniture made from reclaimed Carlo Mollino chairs. the concept of pulling apart something common and recognisable and piecing it back together to create something completely new could result in interesting architecture, especially in an area such as Newtown where there is a strong vernacular of building. original Carlo Mollino chair above - Martino Gamper's interpretations below
other architectural cues that can be taken from his work are his fascination with corner, his ability to transform a flat plane with angular detailing, and the forms of some pieces.

some of the concepts i will explore is the dis-asseblage of spaces, from what is expected along a retail strip such as Newtown, to offer something different whilst remaining functional. to remain 'inkeeping' with the other architecture in the area, a dis-assemblage of a building facade will create a modern interpretation of the common heritage facade's of the area.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

design 3 - room + narrative - storyboard

Please follow link for complete file:

design 3 - room + narrative - final drawings

design 3 - room + narrative - final model

These images have been selected to show the architecture of the concept, rather than the story, above is a 'storyboard' linking the narrative to images of the model describing the interior use more effectively.

design 3 - room + narrative - model development

For the reflective room I chose silver card, which I matted out with glue so it would not create such a literal finish. This was scored to give the impression of light refracting through the interior.

The site, being a cracked pavement I constructed from grey card for it's texture and colour, as the building is of the crack... a part of the crack I used the same card and lined the interior with white card to create a glow thats visible from the crack on the exterior. This also picks up the flow of light to the interior of the building.

design 3 - room + narrative - development

As a continuation of the Nighthawks concept, I was thinking of the possibility of a drug rehabilitation centre, not a large scale one, but a series of rooms for an individual to spend an indefinate amount of time in to heal themselves of addiction.
After mapping the spaces out as a three step process of cleansing, reflecting, and completing, I looked to the painting itself for imformation on how light could move through the spaces and make a significant impact on each.
This translated into three very basic shapes, as I wanted the light to make the biggest statement, especially how it moves with the particular elements of each room; a cleansing font, a mirrored space, and an escape.
I wanted to keep the concept of the crack in the pavement as the site, as I thought this was quite interesting...we step over hundreds of cracks, they have no purpose, they are a void...but maybe someone longs to curl up into one to escape the city.