Tuesday, March 30, 2010

design 3 - final parti

For me, the only way to understand the concept of raumplan, which I believe is the Parti (or overarching concept) of Villa Muller is to understand the house in three dimension. When I read the quote by Loos explaining the concept I started to visualise a sequence of room, that for each user of the house would differ according to their purpose for the house. I believe this movement through space, which incorporate's scale, circulation, visual continuity is the strongest theme in the Villa.

design 3 - final poche

I used the Poche as an opportunity to express the structure of the building. Loos believed that this was the 'domain' of the architect and was an opportunity to express one'self, whilst the interior should be a reflection of the occupant's taste. As it primarily constructed from concrete, which from the exterior has been whitewashed, I created the section cuts from the shading surrounding which details some of the finishes and movement of light through the building.

design 3 - final model

Images by John Stuart Caldwell

design 3 - parti process

Initial parti by planStructure overlays by plan
Initial sketch of axonometric concept
Final layer of trace before finished product

design studio 3 - model process

Cutting floor plates
Placing floors into external walls

Adding walls and detail to floors

Attaching stairs
Finishing touches, putty and paint